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Feet About Us
Richmond St. Wellness Centre is the vision of husband and wife team Dr. Laura McLaren BSc(hon), DC (chiropractor) and Dan McKenna (reflexologist). Although the clinic is new, Dr. Laura McLaren has been practicing in Richmond Hill for over 16 years and Dan McKenna has been practicing in the area for over 4 years.

Happy New Year! We hope your holidays were wonderful and wish you all the best for 2018. If you feel you need to recover from the holidays, we can help! If your benefits have refreshed, donĀ“t wait until the end of the year to use them. Take care of yourself today. What a good way to start the year off right!

Posted by Dr. Laura McLaren
January, 4 2018
We are approaching the end of the year. If you have not used all your private benefits this is the time. Book a massage to ease the stress. Has that nagging ache been getting to you? Then book that chiropractic, physiotherapy or acupuncture treatment and get some relief!

Posted by Dr. Laura McLaren
November, 14 2017

Their concept was to create an environment where various doctors and therapists could work together as a team to care for their clients. This is an environment of dedication, unity, compassion, generosity and fun. This brand new facility has been designed purposely to create a wellness experience, bringing together chiropractic, reflexology and massage therapy. Other therapies will be added in the next few months as the clinic settles in to its new stride.
Our mission is to care for our clients as we would our family. To treat them with respect, understanding, compassion and acceptance. To create a team of individuals both talented and dedicated who can put their skills together to give the best care possible. We welcome you to become part of our family.